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Three Pieces2 PVD icon best apps
Three Pieces2 PVD
AppDate :10:46
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This game is a game that erases the same color that queues up length/side/diagonally stone.
The time limit is 60 seconds.
The stone can be exchanged for the next stone. It operates it with the drug at this time.
It returns to former posi , ipod
EMC Documentum Mobile icon best apps
EMC Documentum Mobile
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Getting the information you want, when you need it, has never been easier. EMC Documentum Mobile has a simple, intuitive interface, allowing users to access and securely browse the Documentum ECM repository, including rich media such as images and video, , apps
Touch the Numbers icon best apps
Touch the Numbers
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Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can, and become a world record holder!

Touch the Numbers is a simple game for training your reflexes and peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision is an essential skill for playing baseb , iphone 4
随手记(记账理财)标准版 for iPhone icon best apps
随手记(记账理财)标准版 for iPhone
AppDate :10:45
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记账就要随手记,专业又 , download ipa
Applimo Innovations icon best apps
Applimo Innovations
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Présentation des innovations en matière de chauffage électrique dans la distribution professionnelle , ipa
Korean Now icon best apps
Korean Now
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You Guys Asked For It! In This Issue, Youll Discover the world of Korean Fashion ! Send us your Korean inspired outfits, and get a chance to win a 3 months worth of HD Korean Dramas, see inside for details... ,
ПДД. Пояснения icon best apps
ПДД. Пояснения
AppDate :10:01
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Приложение разъясняет отрицательные и положительные элементы поведения водителей на дороге. Подробно рассматриваются основные ошибки, д , ipod
Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media HD icon best apps
Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media HD
AppDate :10:01
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The Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media App provides you with online and offline access via your iPad to all the latest company regulatory news, presentations and announcements as well as rich multimedia content in the form of images, videos and webca , download ipa
Parking School icon best apps
Parking School
AppDate :10:01
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Parking School will test your parking skills to the limit. If you think that you can park like a pro, this is your chance to prove it. Finish all the levels and show your friends that you really are the best driver.

60 Different levels availabl , iphonehacks
仙乐旅游团购 icon best apps
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仙乐旅游团购网为您提供 , best apps
Shanghai Mahjong Deluxe icon best apps
Shanghai Mahjong Deluxe
AppDate :10:01
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Mahjong solitaire is a free mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)

The goal is to remove all tiles from the board. You may remove only paired f , ipad
Lock Secret Foto - Secure Private Vault Safe & Passcode Manager With 1 Password icon best apps
Lock Secret Foto - Secure Private Vault Safe & Passcode Manager With 1 Password
AppDate :10:01
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Organize, browse, and share your precious photos. All your most important photos are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Manage your photo collection with simplicity.

▲ Provide long PASSWORD PROTECTION for , iphone
Daily Record Newspaper App icon best apps
Daily Record Newspaper App
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The best in news, sport and showbiz. , ipad
Possible Showers - Ultimate Bridal and Baby Shower Planner icon best apps
Possible Showers - Ultimate Bridal and Baby Shower Planner
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Comes with 282 preloaded ideas including, Bridal and Baby Shower, Decorations, Food Recipes, Invitations, and Games!!

Build and Plan your Bridal or Baby shower. The Possible Showers app makes planning your shower as easy as using a clipboard , application
icon Plants vs. Zombies ipa
Riting for Plants vs. Zombies

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App Rating9.66 / 367989
App Update2012.10.19 09:27
App Price$2.99
Apps download777 / 386 / 104
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS 4.3 or later.
App support languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
App SizeEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Plants vs. Zombies ipa screenshot Plants vs. Zombies ipa screenshot Plants vs. Zombies ipa screenshot Plants vs. Zombies ipa screenshot Plants vs. Zombies ipa screenshot

Games Plants vs. Zombies download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about best apps /  Games /  Plants vs. Zombies
Greetings zombie fighters. The zombies have invaded en masse and the fiends have denied you the use of Sunflowers! Can you battle through 4 levels of zombie hordes using a limited amount of sun and prevail in a desperate last stand? Should you succeed, an even tougher challenge awaits you with Last Stand Endless. Grab the new Hammer Time, Still Standing and Stuff of Legends achievements while you’re at it. And try out some powerful new mallets to give those pesky Gargantuars a good whacking!

Plus, check out the new PvZ merchandise area as well. It’s craaaazzy!
The Last Stand Game Pack features 5 new levels plus an Endless variant.
Unlock 3 new achievements: Hammer Time, Still Standing and The Stuff of Legends.
Pick up a new Mallet Pack to help you whack zombies in Survival and Last Stand Endless modes.
Check out the PvZ Store for loads of great Plants vs. Zombies goods.


Winner of more than 30 Game of the Year awards!
A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door.
Get ready to soil your plants!

Game Features:
Conquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more! Replay levels in the all-new Quick Play arena.
Battle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and more. Each has its own special skills, so youll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all.
Try to survive all 9 unique levels as you battle zombies hiding in vases. Its smashing fun!
Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much theyll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house.
Earn 49 powerful perennials and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more.

Earn 44 awesome achievements and show off your zombie-zapping prowess.
Need coins for great new stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the Main Menu.

- Full Retina display support—zombies have never looked prettier.
- Compatible with iOS 4 multi-tasking.
- Loads of performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Original Mac/PC downloadable game.

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PEGGLE® – Clear the orange pegs in this epic blend of luck and skill.
BOOKWORM® – Feed your appetite for fun in THE brain-tickling word puzzle game.
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Visit us at PopCap.com
Follow us on twitter.com/PopCap_Games
Find us on facebook.com/PopCapGames

best apps created by , have iphone apps rating 9.66 / 367989. This App is available at the iphone apps Games.

I've been waiting so long for this game to finally be ported over to the iphone. pop games has done an amazing job bringing this game to the small screen.
Plants vs. Zombies is an extremely well polished game that is loaded with charm and fun. It has great graphics, sound, music and humor. The iPhone version seems to be a near flawless port of the PC version. After playing the PC version extensively I was curious to know if the developers could retain the same playability in the port to the iPhone. They did not disapoint; it may be even better. It's very easy to collect 'sun' just by tapping and they smartly highlight the row and column in the grass where your plant will go. If you were slightly off from where you wanted your plant to be you just drag it to the correct position before releasing your finger. Your game is saved when you exit the app and you start right where you left off. It's the perfect mobile game for when you find yourself waiting for a few minutes. I really am shocked that they priced this so low at $2.99. It'd be a steal at $9.99 and the game has a huge fan base who have been eagerly awaiting the iPhone version. In terms of just plain fun and entertainment it's the best game available on the iPhone/touch. Get it now!
 (@'.')@ @('.'@)
Finally the best tower defense game has come to the iPhone. It is classic Plants vs. Zombies fun. There are some minor slowdowns on the later levels but hopefully it will be fixed in updates. Also Popcap where are the mini games? That is what made this game fun. 4 stars until minigames are added but otherwise a easy 5 star choice. Get this game now!
One star reserved for the missing mini-games, puzzles, survival and zen garden.
I was wondering why Pop Cap didn't make this sooner! Best thing I've ever bought since the PC version. Bring back the Zen Garden and minigames and this game will be an easy 6/5 star game! This game requires you to get to about level 5 before the real fun and strategy comes in and is well worth it's $2.99 price. Plus, who doesn't want to meet Crazy Dave? He's CRAAAAAZY!!!
This is hands down the best port of an app from a full size computer to the iPhone. Zombies are clear, the grid is full sized. You are getting the full PvZ game, not some gimped mobile version. The controls are also perfectly done. The ONLY flaw I found in this is that on older devices (2G/3G), the framerate absolutely tanks after you fill half the board with plants, and zombies show up. Popcap needs to address this issue. It's still highly playable, but it is annoying.
I have the Mac version and both my girlfriend and I love it. I've been waiting for the iPhone version literally since I first saw the game on the 1up show, so it's safe to say this was easily one of my most anticipated games on any platform. The experience is just a good as my MacBook Pro and seems to be a perfect fit for a mobile platform. Popcap is a AAA developer and anything they do us great. I would have paid more than the asking price. At 2.99, it's a great value for a game I paid much more for on my Macbook. Gotta love the iPhone platform.
 W7F NastY
Amazing game, must buy
thank u,popcap!
 i like my coffe
Amazing game and seemingly endless also humorus worth atleast 5$
 pocket god fan!
1. Longer adventure mode where you revisit places plus its harder. 2. More plants and zombies. 3. Easy Medium and hard modes. 4. Add house in winter and beach houses. 5. More terain like ice, sand, ect. 6. Make more music videos. p.s. Crazy dave is awsome
This is one of the best desktop game now in portable format. It actually plays better on the touchscreen than with a mouse. But and it is a big one for me, this game is dying for a patch. Shame on such a big developer to release a game that doesn't save with an incoming call towards the end the levels can take a bit and nothing is worse than being onthe last flag and a call you decline kill all your hard work. Fix this and will easily be the best app in the store. PS I would gladly pay extra for the zen garden back.
Sure it's a fun game, but it's really easy and just the same thing over and over. I shouldn't have spend 2.99 on this; um sure it will drop to 1.99 or .99 soon, where it should be. I love peggle and I think this game is really creative and looks great, but I've noticed glitch where my potato bombs dont work and i would love it if when I got a phone call I could go back into the game right where I left off, like peggle does. If youre trying to decide if you should buy this: wait til the price drops at least a dollar and/or pick up pigsvs wolves instead.
This game is super addicting and just plain awesome. Enough said(:
First I'll start by saying that this is a 4 star game with some of the design issues of a 2 star game, hence the rating. These issues are towards the end of the review. I hope that PopCap will fix these problems and I can amend my rating. If you're not familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, it is a tower defense-like game where you must defend your house from a slow-moving wave of zombies using plants that you place on your yard/roof. The biggest way PvZ differs from other, more typical tower defense games is that instead of shaping the path of your enemies (or having a winding path planned out for you), PvZ gives you 5 rows in which zombies advance from right to left only. This design decision makes for a slightly simpler game experience and allows you to focus on strategically placing your plants. Another difference you may notice is that the "credits" used for deploying your plants isn't gained from defeating zombies (as is typical in tower defense games), but rather from the sun and sunflowers you plant. Zombies will sometimes drop coins that can be collected and used later to purchase upgrades. PvZ translates well from the PC to the iPhone/iPod Touch; in fact, it may even be a better platform to play it on. Levels don't take more than 15 minutes or so to complete and the developers have found a way to introduce a new plant-type at the end each. PopCap's fun sense of humor abounds in plant and zombie descriptions and design. PROBLEMS: Plants vs. Zombies only has a couple of major problems, but they're pretty glaring. My biggest annoyance came my first day of playing, during one of the longer, three-tiered levels. If you have an iPhone and are playing Plants vs. Zombies, pray that no one calls you, because the game will kick you out of the app and will NOT save your progress or pause the game. You will have to start all over again in that particular level. This, in my eyes, is inexcusable for a game that is designed to be played on a device that's main purpose is to receive phone calls. Also, the app store has been in existence for close to two years now, so an argument for simple oversight isn't valid. The kicker is that this isn't a problem on another popular PopCap game, Peggle, so they clearly know how to make this kind of thing work. My head a'splode. Finally, using an iPhone 3G, the game very often experiences crippling frame-rate drops. The more plants, zombies, and effects on the screen, the more the game begins to craaaaaawl along like an old PC dying for an upgrade. I can't speak for the iPhone 3GS or iPod Touches, but it doesn't matter to me. If we've begun to enter the era where games are being designed for the 3GS with the other platforms as a simple after-thought, then I expect to see that mentioned in the game description. Overall, the gameplay itself in Plants vs. Zombies is excellent and that alone would have me recommend this app. However, if you read my comments about the phone-call-interruptus syndrome and stuttering frame rates and feel worried, I recommend waiting on this until they've fixed/addressed these issues.
This by far is one of the best apps I own, and it's only been out for a day. However, I wish they had put more time into graphics optimization, it is extremely laggy halfway into a level as there is so much happening on the screen at one time. I am using an 8gig third gen iPod so I have the old hardware, I don't know how it would preform on an iPhone 3gs or 32-64gig 3rd gen iPod touches.
Dear creators, I am a very disapointed customer. I must say how very disapointed I am in your choice to give the near full version to Ipad but not to us, your brain children. WE allowed you to survive by buying your app and yet you shoot us in the back with this depressing betrayle. If you do not make both the ipad and itouch equal in capabilities, I will begin to slander your company in every regard possible. Thank for your time. Sincerely, The_Cruzanator
This app rocks my sock!!! oh yeah!!! first one to get this Awesomeness!!!!! :D

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