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icon Cavern ipa
Riting for Cavern

Games \ Cavern IPA download

CompanySami Sierla
App Rating6.69 / 121
App Update2010.12.25 14:28
App Price$2.99
Apps download3 / 1 / 0
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS 3.0 or later
App support languagesEnglish
App Size11.7 MB
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Cavern ipa screenshot Cavern ipa screenshot Cavern ipa screenshot Cavern ipa screenshot Cavern ipa screenshot

Games Cavern download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about download ipa /  Games /  Cavern
Fixes several crash bugs.
Fixed issues with "Pick all" -button.
Dungeon level reached affects game score correctly.
Minor content changes.


Cavern is a small dungeon crawler in the vein of genre classics like Rogue and Nethack - but not based on any existing roguelike. Completely built from scratch for the iPhone, Cavern features advanced dungeon generator mixing random and predefined content. Original vintage game art by DeBray Bailey (Lost Dragon)

Simple learning curve - interact with game world by just one touch.


Cavern was full of ancient treasure which surface people mined to keep their high standard of living. Caves were populated by hostile forces of the underground but Mystery Object of the surface kept the evil weak with it's power. Somehow, creatures of the deep managed to steal the Mystery Object and took it to the deepest levels of the cavern. Now you, the Hero, must retrieve it before it is used against surface!

*Completely original adventure, not a port or based on source of any other roguelike
*Shops to buy equipment and sell treasure
*Three characters to play:
Fighter : strong melee character.
Adventurer : specialises in bows.
Mystic : uses wands and scrolls.
*15 randomly generated dungeons
*5 Special levels you may end up in.
*Over 40 different monsters
*Over 100 items to find.
*Online Highscores and ranking for each game played.

Additional Features
*Saves your exact game state when receiving call or switching to another app.
*Juicy sound effects.

download ipa created by Sami Sierla, have iphone apps rating 6.69 / 121. This App is available at the iphone apps Games.

I want to play the game but every time I get attacked by an enemy, the game crashes. Tried removing and reinstalling the app.
 Elf Mage of Dea
fun game, but it crashes a lot. I say "don't just fix the minor bugs (or whatever) FIX'EM ALL!!!" GEEES! as of now, $2.99 is not worth it.
I had picked up Cavern quite a while back but hadn't gotten around to playing it until recently. The past several weeks I've been whiling away time playing Cavern during my 1.5 hour train & shuttlebus commute to work. This is one instance where I'm not afraid to admit I'm a bit of a dumb dumb for putting off playing it for so long after buying the game. :) I'd been missing out on a heck of a fun game. Simple to play which makes it perfect pickup-and-play for both long or short sessions. It loads quickly as the graphics aren't overdone-shiny-glossy-pretty and there's hardly any animation, but it has a nice PC era EGA-ish look to it that I rather like. It's a pretty decent RPG, the only thing you really can't modify on your own are your character's stats at level-up. There are two types to choose from, fighter or magic-user, at the start of your adventure. You can modify stats later via rings, amulets, regular or enhanced armors, regular or enhanced weapons (my favorite is a bow that also poisons!), potions, etc. There's both ranged and melee combat, weapons-based or magic. You can buy supplies, potions, scrolls, standard weapons, etc or find a wide variety of stuff while exploring. There's a shopkeeper where you can sell excess loot, earning precious gold for more supplies and freeing up your inventory (your character has a carry-weight limit). The dungeon floors are randomly generated for each adventure, although they are themed in the same order (dirt cave, dank cave, stone and lava, etc) the random layouts, random loot, and random monsters keep each play-through fresh. The dev is still very much supporting the game, putting out updates constantly, in fact a new one was just released today. What I've been doing when I play is start some music playing via the iPod and then load up Cavern, the music keeps going while you play. Time during my commute just melts by. Fun game, worth the $2 sale price, definitely worth regular price.
I'm having a lot of fun with this game - it's a good mix of random and non-random dungeon elements, and a decent but not overwhelming number of items to work with. Consider this one a step up in complexity from Sword of Fargoal, but a few steps away from Rogue Touch. ;) You don't have to worry about starvation, but you need food to heal, so you will be using it. If you enjoy roguelikes, this is a must buy!
 Squeeze Theorem
I highly recommend this game for any roguelike fans. That said: 1) The slow down issue after extended periods of play still occurs. The only way to fix it is to completely exit the program from the multitasking menu. 2) If the game is quit in the manner above you lose all progress from your last move. So if you go to town, go back into the cavern, and quit the game you will be stranded in town as the teleport will not be active. Using the newest version of iOS on a 3GS.
This can be a fun and addicting game if you're a fan of dungeon crawler and/or retro-looking games. The graphics and sounds are fun and the ability to be different types of heros, plus the randomness of the level configurations and the different creatures you encounter, keep this otherwise simple game enjoyable and challenging each time you play it. However, beware that even after various updates and attempted fixes, it still suffers from recurrent glitches. Most annoying of these is the fact that the game play tends to get very slow after playing for an extended period of time, and the only fix is to close the game and open it up again. Also, the touch response is sometimes off. This can be particularly annoying when your life line is getting short and you try opening your bag to eat food or take a health potion...sometimes it will open for you quickly and sometimes it seems to hiccup and you lose the game.
These reviews are false!! Bad controls and simple playing style ruin this game couldn't play for more then an hour.
I got this looking for rogue like games. It seems spare at first, but the game is really quite good! It reminds me a lot of Ultima 6, both the look and feel. Though I think you guys would make more cash by pricing it at Tier 1...
The d-pad is not a d-pad... It's more like a control stick. It is hard to use the tap movement and use targeting at the same time. So the d-pad is not an alternative. Please fix. 
Cavern is one of the sadly few roguelikes availible on the App Store now. Rogue Touch, Sword of Fargoal and iNethack are the other top competitors, but Cavern has a massive advantage over all three: it is entirely original. This is not a port of some other PC roguelike, this is a built-from-the-gound-up game specifically for the iPhone. As such, it never gets too bogged down in its own complexity or indecipherable interface, because it was designed for the iPhone. But of course, that doesn't mean anything if the game's not good, right? Well, you'd be happy to know that the game is excellent. It is something like a hybrid of NetHack and Angband, streamlined so that it's perfect for on-the-go playing. You pick one of three basic classes (though each class is flexible, and can function as another class if you so wish) and enter the Cavern. Cavern consists of one overworld town (though calling it overworld is misleading - it's still in the Cavern, just the highest floor) and several floors of randomly generated goodness. The game feels a tad more Diablo-y than other roguelikes; there's more running to the top floor to sell loot and stock up on supplies than in, say, NetHack, but this is the result of the game's sole annoyance: the weight limit for your inventory feels ridiculously tiny, if realistic. Your small inventroy will have you running in and out of the dungeon constantly until you have enough money to buy an item that will let you teleport to town instantaneously. But I digress. All in all, Cavern is an excellently structured roguelike for the iPhone with an incredibly user-friendly UI, great gameplay, and (perhaps most importantly) an attentive developer who is actively responding to community requests. So what are you waiting for, fellow dungeon-crawlers? Go buy it! Update: A coupe of updates later, and the game has just gotten better. Better presentation, better controls... there's no reason not to own this wonderful roguelike! Further update: The game is still as fantastic as ever! What few bugs existed have been quashed. Unfortunately, the controls are still a bit finicky, but it's not gamebreaking; this is, after all, a methodically-paced roguelike, not a twitched-based action game.

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