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This game is a game that erases the same color that queues up length/side/diagonally stone.
The time limit is 60 seconds.
The stone can be exchanged for the next stone. It operates it with the drug at this time.
It returns to former posi , ipad
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icon Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa
Riting for Knights of the Phantom Castle

Games \ Knights of the Phantom Castle IPA download

App Rating6.44 / 167
App Update2012.08.18 15:00
App Price$6.99
Apps download52 / 19 / 4
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.iOS 3.0 or later
App support languagesEnglish, Japanese
App SizeEnglish, Japanese
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot Knights of the Phantom Castle ipa screenshot

Games Knights of the Phantom Castle download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about iphone apps /  Games /  Knights of the Phantom Castle
- Now available on iPhone/iPod touch. Enjoy!!


Knights of the Phantom Castle is a (fully-featured) robust strategy game that incorporates massive monster armies, gigantic monsters and stage devices.
In this game, build your army of knights during the [Camp] phase; decide on the armys deployment, equipment and strategies during the [Combat Deployment] phase; and, during the [Stage Battle] phase, take advantage of every control techniques, terrain and stage devices to clear the stage objectives and move on.
- Features
Simple one-step Tap - Flick - Drag finger commands!
Using Multi-Touch, the simultaneous control of several army units!
Six classes, each with their own specialized skills!
Over 50 stages with numerous stage devices and difficulty levels!

These contents use DynaFont of the DynaComware Corporation.
DynaFont is a registered trademark of DynaComware Taiwan Inc.

iphone apps created by , have iphone apps rating 6.44 / 167. This App is available at the iphone apps Games.

Great game. Simple enough to jump in and have fun. But has tons of really advanced features which will cater to any hardcore or casual rpg / rts fan. Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics. Best iPad game yet and 5$ is a perfect price.
I enjoy the game though I find it kind of difficult. If two people play the game it's a little easier to manage. Please for the love of God make the menu and camp smaller and more iPad friendly rather than iPhone/iPod friendly...the menu is ridiculously huge!
 Rckn Shdw
One of the most played apps on my iPad! Offers extensive customization for your characters as well as a robust multitouch combats system. The game has a very steep learning curve, although you can bring that down a notch if you play with a friend. This is something that I think should be worked on but the degree of difficulty provides some awesome gameplay and strategy! My only complaint and why I am only giving four stars at this time is due to the HUGE main menu and camp trees that take forever and a day to navigate!! Please make the iPad version more user friendly, make it easier to navigate the menus, and make it MUCH faster to get things done in between battles. Otherwise, awesome job!
Forgot to mention, best game for the iPad!!!!!
The graphics is awful, just an iPhone Game 8bit zoomed to iPad screen. The text in menu is even distorted. Complete rubbish I assume. The developers seem to be in urgent need of money marking this game as an iPad one without any adaptations done :((
 Prof Todd
I've only played the game for 30 minutes, but wanted to share my first impressions. The game could use more polish, for example there are two typos in the first 60 seconds of game play "th" for "the" and "who's" for "whose" -- my point is that Hudson, who I love, should have done some user testing before releasing this game. There are annoying help screens that show up before you need help. Ie on the next page, this is what all the buttons are. Instead show me the interface and then if I need help offer it to me. The program seems to think that everything is so unintuitive that they need to tell me what it does first -- I can't believe people still build software like this. Also fix the font so that it looks pretty, character alignment is terrible. Ie "br eak" In other words, how did Steve Jobs let this product into the app store?
Pro: its finally available for iphone/ ipod touch Con: Controls are horrible , flick tap or tap and hold for a power move make this game very frustrating. Action attacks are so delayed you get killed before you defeat an enemy lack of understanding if your character gets stronger or not , is it an rpg or rts i say its neither help totorial is very vauge What needs improving: Controls Better understanding of the character stats Better learning curve better method of attacking and locking on an enemy Overall: DO NOT BUY Lack of good controls, guide, and price make this a hard one to get and enjoy
I love the style of this game and the mission logs are even a little chuckle worthy. The flick controls however will be the biggest complaint. I don't move on to a new mission unless I at least have an A and for some reason I can't figure out how in the hell you would get a S on them. I beat one mission in 25 seconds while taking no damage and got a B. I think there are hidden bonus goals that need to be met. I am only 4 missions in past the tutorial and I will say that this game is going to get very hard. Not because of the controls, but becuase you have to actually think of what you are going to do on the fly. Even when you replay a mission and know what is coming, you have to properly manage your troops and have them geared for the fight or they will be toast. At the beginning of each mission you get a certain amount of points to allocate to what one of the 6 classes you want to bring to battle. The total will end up being 4 as you can see in the pictures. However you can add on sub units to each one of these classes. For example the Soldier can have up to two swords man who follow them around. You don't directly control these units, they follow around and do what the main one does. But it does at for some strategy when you use the defender and bring two other shield men which can block off a path two keep your healer safe. All 6 of the classes have 3 abilities each and even in these abilities there is some depth. For example, the mage can switch between its elemental magic which may weaken or strengthen its attack on certain monsters. Along with picking the units, you will get a chance to equip them with a weapon, armor, and ring from your camps inventory. You can return to the camp at any time to see what items you have and read reports of the mission (story) which give strategies and enemy information. You can also combine items that drop from the monsters you kill to make new armor and weapons, which you will be using to progress further into the castle. A little bit of an upgrade has made a huge difference in the level replays. Replays are also fun, because not only can you get more parts but you can more gold to purchase the item combinations and try out different strategies. I am only going to gloss the surface on the depth of the tatical side of this game. But there is a lot to it. For example, in one mission you are stuck defending a bridge for two minutes from what seem to be endless slimes. You can use a soldier and ranger and just go attack them using the ranger as back up to pick off stragglers. Or maybe you feel like being creative, you can use the ranger to place a trap while you charge up the assassins 'through dimension' ability which can either warp and object someplace or switch two objects. (you can switch enemy units with other enemy units even to bring the weaker ones two the front and send the stronger ones to the back. Boom the trap is placed in the middle of the oncoming slimes and then you have no more slime. Heck you can even take a defender unit and place it in the middle of the bridge along with its two sub units and then let your mage stand in the back ground and fire away. As you can see the amount of options available is pretty large. To counter this the enemies are very tough and while I have yet to see the ai use any tactics (I am still very early in) it is still hard fending off angry mobs of monsters. Especially when said monsters can give you different status ailments which will effect your troops. (poison, slow, sleep) I picked this up earlier for 10 bucks and I don't regret it one bit. Now that the price has dropped I would easily say that you would be a fool not to purchase this if only to just try it out. This has easily ramped itself up to one of my top 3 game apps. Ok I have talked this up thoroughly, now let me get to the bad side. Its and rts that is based off of touch mechanics. You will hate the flick controls. I have found myself moving when I don't want to, using my tap ability prematurely, and even firing my abilities on my own troops (there is friendly fire on everything, including healing the enemy with your aoe heal spell.) It can get a little clustered but never so bad that you can't use the primary select feature to control your troops, you just may end up flicking your finger a few times to get the hang of it. Now back to trying to get those A rankings to S.
 Sad Sad radio l
This game is a hidden gem. I haven't played the Dungeon Hunter game yet, but as far as rpg and rts games go, I am going to say that this one is the best. It is well worth the price too! After spending about 6 hours with this game; I realized how deep it really is. It's really freaking hard too! Trust me, get this game.
I really enjoy this game. I paid out 10 f*^king dollars for it, and personally I feel as though I got my money's worth. Yes, there are some descrepancies in the item descriptions. Yes, the game gets VERY difficult once you finish the first stage. But that's what strategy's all about-win by using your brain, not your knights' brawn. Now that its price is half off, I highly suggest you buy it. What are you still doing reading? BUY IT. NAO.
One of my favorite games for the iPhone. Controls are simplistic, but lots of fun. I highly recommend this app.
 Dr. Megiddo
This is an old school game with modern controls. Haven't gotten that far. I've had it for a few months. MIght be saying something. Worth checking out, not at $5 though.
Really good game but little confusing controls and little sense of story graphics are okay but the reduced price Makes it a value buy so do not buy at full price$$$$.$$
Worst RPG game I've ever played. Controls are hard, and there's no Storyline. Definitely not worth five bucks.
 George daly
Keep the good work up guys . I don't know what everyone is talking about the contour are fine it says rts so ur going to get rts controls. The game is fine. Goodwork
 John Dupras
CrashesThe game is fun, but at the Goblin Village stage, it crashes out consistently. This is right near the beginning of the game. Do not buy until this bug is fixed.
Great Strategy RPGI found this game to be fantastic. It reminds me a lot of the weird Final Fantasy 12 offshoot on DS. In fact it feels like its entirely channeling FF/Squaresoft across the board, but with a unique battle system built for touch (no crappy virtual joysticks) thats very fun. The game has great combat, loot!, and seems to have a great deal of depth and length (Ive put a few hours in so far). I personally believe this is the best and most unique RPG on the iPad, and for me - the initial killer app Ive been looking for since launch. I actually would have bought it sooner but I was waiting for other reviews - so hopefully this one helps others find a great game theyll love too. The price (currently $4.99) is also great - excellent value for that.
 A Prime
Review update!This game is a hidden gem. I havent played the Dungeon Hunter game yet, but as far as rpg and rts games go, I am going to say that this one is the best. It is well worth the price too!After spending about 6 hours with this game; I realized how deep it really is. Its really freaking hard too! Trust me, get this game.
CrashesCrashes every time I pass goblin village

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