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The time limit is 60 seconds.
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Riting for Pinochle

Games \ Pinochle IPA download

App Rating6.33 / 244
App Update2011.11.22 13:15
App Price$3.99
Apps download3 / 2 / 0
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS 4.0 or later.
App support languagesEnglish, German
App SizeEnglish, German
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
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Games Pinochle download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about iphone apps ipa /  Games /  Pinochle
Bug fixes, sound and settings improvements, adds support for jump bids


This is the no-ads version of the most popular pinochle app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. (If you wish to try before you buy, download the free ad-supported Pinochle!! app.)
Pinochle is a card game played with a 48- or 80-card deck of 9s, 10s, jacks, queens, kings and aces. The game consists of a repeating sequence of bidding (for the right to name the trump suit and optionally to pass cards), melding, and trick-taking. Players score points by melding various card combinations and by taking tricks.
In this version, one human player (South) plays with a computer partner (North) and two computer opponents (West and East).
(Confusingly, the word hand has two meanings in pinochle: each players cards are called his hand; and each repeating sequence of bidding, melding and trick-taking is called a hand.)
BIDDING: Each player bids the number of points she thinks she can make with her hand. Player to the dealers left is in for 25 or 50 points (depending on the number of cards in the deck), and bidding proceeds to the left. Players who pass are out of the bidding for that hand. A typical high bid is 35 points (for 48 cards) or 60 (for 80 cards). High bidder names the trump suit for the hand and exchanges four cards with her partner.
MELDING: Players get points by showing various card combinations. A run (or straight) in the trump suit is worth 15 points. Aces in all four suits is 10 points. Pinochle (queen of spades and jack of diamonds) is 4 points, or 30 points for double pinochle (two of each).
(Note that the word pinochle refers to either the game itself, or it refers to the card combination in ones hand of queen of spades and jack of diamonds.)
TRICKS: Play begins with the high bidder, and proceeds around the table to the left, four cards per trick. Each trick has a winner, who gets 1 point per ace, ten or king.
SCORING: If the high bidder fails to make the bid (his teams total meld plus trick points is less than the bid), the bid amount is subtracted from the team score. Play continues until one teams total score reaches 150 (48 cards) or 500 (80 cards).

iphone apps ipa created by , have iphone apps rating 6.33 / 244. This App is available at the iphone apps Games.

Nice pinochle game after the update! I give it a 5 star even though I would like to see a three handed game with a widow. Starting the bidding at 50 option would be nice. I never heard of 45. Maybe being able to bid whatever you like on your turn would make this game complete. There is strategy in getting to the 60 bid first or jumping a bid. Thanks for the update! This will keep me busy for many moons! (_l_) This is the best app ever!
The two things it needs to really be a five star game is bidding any amount not just plus one increments and better ai. It seems like the comp always stops on the same bid number in certain games and sometimes will take the bid with no marriage in a marriage meld game. Also something that keeps track of your record would be nice
Thanks for all the updates! Originally gave it 4 stars but you've added everything suggested and more. Great App!!
Prior to the last update the cards were shown in a straight line. I don' see the reason for showing the cards split on two lines - please leave the cards in a straight line. I also agree with the having a cut throat option and I would like to see my partners hand when the hand cannot be played.
The game is pretty solid overall - nice graphics, good gameplay. My one negative is when counting meld you have to click the "OK" prompt after EVERY player! Please go back to the previous version with a pause instead of tap to close the prompt. Also, stats would be nice: record, best game, best meld, best round, etc. And possibly a set of badges/awards (shutout [take all 25 tricks], shutout game [beat by more than 150 points], 'euchre' [take more tricks than opponent when they win the bid],etc.)
 Pinochle addict
I love this game, but this new version is really annoying. It's very distracting how the cards jump back and forth from one staight line to two. Please make it stop! Also, not liking having to click ok after every player melds. Thanks!
The developers have made a number of needed improvements in this version: -The annoying sound has gone away. -You now have an option to set how marriages are counted. -You now have the option to change bidding to increments of 5 over 60. -While some people have found the two-row display distracting, I actually find it to be an improvement in that cards in the corner of the display could be difficult to tap, so you might, for example, play a 10 when you meant to play an Ace. I think their solution to this problem was quite nifty. My only suggesions would be alternate card backs, alternate table tops, and changing the bidding to start at 25 or 50. (It was set at 50, but went to 45 in this version, oddly.) My review goes from a 3 to a 5 for making a good game, but also for supporting it and making it better. Nice work!
Needs to track how many wins you have.
The previous version AI could be easily tricked into over-bidding on the no-pass game. Now it let's you set the minimum threshold and bids quite a bit smarter. Lot's more options, so you can easily play the style you like. The interface for large hands (double deck) is a lot easier, no more accidently selecting the wrong card. Fantastic app for pinochle fans.
Pinochle was the big game in my family so this app is wonderful to have. And it is nice to see so many other players out there in the world. There are so many different variations of this game I know it is difficult to include them all. Personally i would like to see a couple more options that were standard in my family: 1. You only have to beat the high card when it is the trump suit. (This adds more strategy to the play portion. You are not simply on auto-pilot.) 2. If you don't take a trick then you lose your meld. (More impetus to try to take every trick so the other team doesn't score at all that hand.) 3. The DEALER is stuck with the bid if no one else bids - and that bid is 29. (Encourages bidding.) Some other things: the computer always bidding to at least 31 is annoying and the cards it sometimes passes are not the best. But hey, I still play a dozen games every day!
 Vashon raven
Pretty good. I enjoy it more than the Hoyle computer version. I wish there was a way to claim all remaining tricks and to play beyond 150 points. All in all a great way to fill a pinocle fix.
Just like playing at my grandparents, except with no yelling.
I love this app. The full version is exactly the way I learned how to play many years ago. My card buddies moved away and so I haven't played for a long time. Maybe it's not hard-core pinochle for some, but it's enjoyable and perfect for me.
I bought this as a way to teach my wife to play. The single deck bidding needs some work. I have not yet finished a game by scoring 100. I have always won because my opponents bid like idiots. If you select the must have marriage option, they have no problem bidding to 30 with not only no marriage, but no meld either. Card play works well and they aren't too smart, or too stupid. The game is much better in the double deck version. The bidding is more realistic and it was a decent game. I haven't fount a great Pinochle game, on any platform, in the many years I've been looking. This one is quite good, but there are still things that can be improved upon. I would like to see the ability to give and receive meld bids. I have also never played double deck where the bid starts at 45.
Good game but needs a Back button for when you accidentally touch an unintended card.
If you know anything at all about how the game is supposed to be played, you'll want to save your money. Saying this is a good pinochole app would be like saying McDonalds is a health food store because they serve salad. I won't get into the lack of skill or logic the app has because maybe the author has no clue as to how to play pinochole. That being said, any beginer programer should know better than to over-ride an "if then" statement. It is extremely annoying to watch your partner run up a bid and then see the message "north south have gone set. Cannot name trump, no marriage." I could understand if it was dropped on them, but to bid four times for it and not have a marriage? Also, your partner or other team may bid 50 or higher and only have six meld. On the plus side the graphics are nice. The cards are easy to select. Unfortunately that's all the app has going for it. If you download the free version it tells you it won't keep your record or score. The full paid version won't keep your record either. To charge $3.99 is an insult. I just hope the author uses the money to learn how to play the game. But I this point I'd be happy if it would just do the basic stuff.
Needs update
Nice game, but I wish the speed of play could be altered (it's a bit slow for my taste). It would also be nice to have a laydown option when you know you (or computer) will take all remaining tricks.
Game interface is OK, but AI gets too many good hands w/ high meld & cards. I expect not having a decent hand every deal, but opponents' get too many in comparison. In one game of 12 hands, which I lost, AI opponents had average meld of 19.67 w/ 40 as the highest, while my team had average of 7.16 w/ 22 as the high. Sadly, this is typical. I don't mind losing, but this game is so unfair it's not fun.

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