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Riting for Dirt Moto Racing

Games \ Dirt Moto Racing IPA download

App Rating6.73 / 5279
App Update2012.06.14 00:20
App Price$0.99
Apps download60 / 17 / 6
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.iOS 3.0 or later
App support languagesEnglish
App SizeEnglish
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Dirt Moto Racing ipa screenshot Dirt Moto Racing ipa screenshot Dirt Moto Racing ipa screenshot Dirt Moto Racing ipa screenshot Dirt Moto Racing ipa screenshot

Games Dirt Moto Racing download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about iphone apps /  Games /  Dirt Moto Racing
Dohi Entertainment has acquired the Resolution Interactive brand and its games and will continue to distribute, update and care for the games at the joy of old fans and newcomers alike.
We have done a massive quality assurance job throughout the game and this update comes packed with:
- Polished user interface
- Various bug fixes
- Speed and device optimizations
- Updated graphic components
- More games tips
For help, support and feedback, please join our Facebook fan page:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dir t-Moto-Racing/141099129289780


=================================== ==
Hurry up and get Dirt Moto Racing!!!
================================= ====
Welcome to Dirt Moto™ Racing, the new release from Dohi Entertainment that raises the bar yet again for Powersport games on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.
================================= ====
Editors Choice Award - appVersity: For those of you who like their racing to be unencumbered by a roof and want to see the sky as they fly through the air, Dirt Moto is a dream come true
Hot Award - AppGamer.net: stunts, tricks and drifts unseen by any other racer in the App Store - we’re sold
4.5 / 5 - Macworld: Dirt Moto Racing is the pinnacle of its genre
4.5 - iPGN: Dirt Moto Racing is a fun ATV racing game with great graphics, sound and content. If you are a racing fan it is a must have.
4/4 Must Have - Slide To Play: Dirt Moto Racing is a great new entry to the racing genre, and it is one we can recommend highly
4.5 Exceptional - 148Apps: Due to superb controls and an extensive career mode complete with vehicle upgrades, Dirt Moto Racing, surges to the front of the pack as the premiere freestyle racing game for the platform.
5/5 - AppSmile: Dirt Moto Racing takes the torch and powerslides its way into our adrenaline-fueled hearts.
8/10 - Pocket Gamer: Dirt Moto Racing revs up great gameplay, controls, and graphics
90/100 Gold Award - Games-Review: Resolution Interactive have all the trump cards - the latest idea, excellent implementation and first-class graphics
Touch Arcade: The controls feel right, the physics are solid and its just a great off-road racer that stands as the king of the genre in the App Store
================================= ====
Dirt Moto Racing will put your ATV riding skills to the ultimate test. Start off with participating in a tour for beginners, race well to unlock new tours, game modes, achievements and tuning points as you climb your way towards the world elite. Collect medals in Career, Time Trial and Freestyle modes by beating opponents, set target times and scores. Events take place in 4 different and beautifully rendered North American locations; British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto, Florida Keys. Perform stunts, powerslides and wheelies to power your boost. Enable online mode for your profiles and compare your event results with friends all over the world. Download ghosts and challenge the records of other Dirt Moto Racing riders.
Key Features:
- 8 Tours ranging from easy to extremely hard
- 4 True-to life environments: British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto, Florida Keys
- 36 Unique Events and 5 Game Modes
- 21 Achievements to unlock
- 12 Stunts with 3 difficulty levels to perform
- 4 Mega-Stunts such as backflip and three-sixty
- Time Trial mode with Gold, Silver and Bronze Target Times
- New Freestyle mode with Gold, Silver and Bronze Target Scores
- Tuning of Top Speed, Acceleration, Steering, Grip, Brakes, Shocks and Lift
- Ghost Play – Download and race against the Worlds Best Riders
- Online Leaderboards
- Original Soundtrack with 12 Tunes
================================= ====
Follow us on Facebook
Support, Promo Codes, Press Releases and Game Updates
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dir t-Moto-Racing/141099129289780
For all our games, see:
================================= ====

iphone apps created by , have iphone apps rating 6.73 / 5279. This App is available at the iphone apps Games.

ATTENTION. a lot of people are complaining about the controls. They are saying they don't like the steering or the way the atvs handle...people need to understand this is a full game, when you win a race or a tournament you win tuning points that you can use to increase speed accelleration grip shocks turning lift etc etc. So after spending a few tuning points your atv will handle much better.
In games such as these, environmental terrains, controls and overall mechanics separate the great and good from the mediocre and poor racers. Dirt Moto Racing does well in all of these areas. Visually, the game looks great and pretty much as I expected based on my experience with Aqua Moto. The graphics are smooth and flow evenly on my iPod Touch 2g v3.0, and I noticed no significant hiccups. The surrounding landscape work seamlessly and provide the immersive experience you’d expect with a racing game.The game offers two modes of play: Career and Single Event. In Career Mode, there are 8 tours ranked from Class D (easy) up to Class A (extremely hard) that take you through 4 different dirt-type environments—British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto and the Florida Keys—with day and twilight races. These environments consist of desert, forest trail, dirt park and beach terrains, and they provide different types of driving conditions and impact steering and acceleration. Also, you have the ability to choose the level of difficulty in regards to competing racers—easy, normal and hard. Easy is what it is, with Normal being difficult based on the type of track. And Hard offers the challenging gameplay I expect.In terms of customization, Dirt Moto Racing allows you to modify your racer in appearance. You can choose from a variety of uniform colors, ATV design and even sex of the driver. And depending on how you perform, Tuning Points are awarded which can be used to customize certain aspects of the ATV. For example, in Career Mode, 1 tuning point is awarded for every 4 medals. Points can then be applied to Top Speed, Acceleration, Steering, Grip, Brakes, Shocks and Lifts. I’ve applied a few of these points, and I’ve found Acceleration is ideal early on followed by Steering which will help as the terrain becomes more difficult. Of course, if Freestyle is important, tuning points for Lifts will be essential. If you’ve played Aqua Moto Racing, the Tuning Points system is set up in the same way and very easy to use.Stunts can also be performed, which I will get into shortly. Depending on finish and time, medals (gold, silver and bronze) are awarded and additional tours are unlocked. There are a number of medals to be won in which are identified at the top of each tour. The career mode adds a ton of replayability especially with this medal system, and the tracks get significantly more difficult as you progress.This leads into Single Event because that mode and those tracks are unlocked only when you successfully finish in the top spots in Career Mode. In Single Event, there are 5 event types—Race, Checkpoint, Sprint, Time Trials, and Freestyle. Freestyle is interesting because it involves stunt riding, and points are gained based on the completion and complexity of the stunts. Here, there are also a significant number of medals that can be earned, so there really is a bit of something for everyone.To summarize, there are 5 event types: Racing and Elimination, Checkpoint, Sprint, Time Trial, Freestyle and Ghost Play. The game includes a local scoreboard that keeps track of statistics including races entered and won, play time and even longest wheelie. And, the online scoreboard allows you to see how you match up for other racers in the world. The variety of different race types offer a good deal of depth and there should be something for everyone.The controls are simple: steering is done via tilt/accelerometer with a down arrow in the middle left part of the screen for braking, and an up arrow in the middle right for acceleration. Also, control sensitivity and calibration can be set individually under the Options section. A Speed Boost button is located in the bottom right corner which is charged up during the race and illustrated by flames along the bottom of the screen. The Speed Boost is charged up based on powerslides, wheelies and stunts during races. Also on the left bottom corner is the Speedometer that when tapped offers a rear view so you can see who you’re leaving in the dust. A camera button in the upper right corner enables you to change camera views from behind the ATV to behind the wheel and vice versa. These implemented touches that are incorporated nicely into the screen without adding any clutter.I mentioned stunts, and I appreciate that the devs made them easy to implement. There are 3 stunt difficulty levels both on the ground and in the air—Normal, Hard and Extreme—consisting of 12 stunts and 4 mega stunts. Throughout races and time trials, a green, yellow or red button appears usually when jumping a dune, and by pressing this button combined with a finger swipe in a specific direction, a stunt is performed. Stunts include 360, Backflip, Front Flip and Whip, but they work reasonably well. The big key here is to get enough air on a jump to perform an air stunt. Otherwise, your driver will wipe out. Even with powerslides, watch out for side barriers and other competitors who can derail you.The gameplay is smooth and the racing is definitely fun. The different soundtracks and sound effects provide quite the immersive experience. If you don’t like the engine sounds for whatever reason, you can even turn them off. The driving experience is pretty realistic and this goes back to the mechanics. When you’re bumped or bump someone else, you’ll feel it visually. In many cases, you won’t need to complete an entire tour before you can move on to the next which allows for variety. Getting medals isn’t easy either because the tracks are different enough to add to the challenge. Overall, Dirt Moto Racing offers a terrific off wheel experience, and the depth should be obvious. The Career Mode is a must for racers and it’s presented and done well, while Freestyle adds that element of creative racing that many prefer. Responsive controls, content depth, and varied track conditions make Dirt Moto Racing a strong racer.
Good game but seriously why can't u take shortcuts it's no fun without them
This and Aqua Moto are great racers! The customization REALLY matters in both games. The floaty steering goes away once you earn tuning points and allocate them to tires. Looks very very good and controls are spot on.
This game is the best. I got 48 seconds on Hill Riding in the bonus time trials check me out, my name is aTastyCookie. Yum right? But all you are going to eat is my dust.
Good overall, but you cannot do stunts until you are halfway through the jump, giving you no chance to actually complete any tricks. Also, you fall of your atv way too easily, making even the slightest of bumps hazardous.
This game is ridiculously good I can't beleive it's just a dollar no other game like it five stars all the way.
 J Mays
Everthing in this game is cool. Graphics are great too! If you like your racing games, you'll love this! Grab it!
Very good game, control is spot on and lots of modes, etc... Well worth the money.
 Master Queef 11
Worst driver ever achievement unlocked!!!
You will just love this app. I have another atv racing game and this is by far the best. You can tell the developer put a lot of attention and work with this one.!!!
Please. More. :-)
I never buy apps maybe I've bought 5 since og iPhone 3g came out. I had to buy this game. It is so awesome, the best game I've ever played on ip3g
I didn't buy the other 4-wheeler game that came out a few months back because of all the people who left reviews warning everyone about how horrible it was. This game, you can see all four tires, the steering is right on time! The physics are perfect! The graphics are good and it's a lot of fun to play!! Highly recommend!!!
 mOtOrCrOoS mAn
This game caught my attention at first sight and is one of my fav apps
This game is wonderful love it . The iphone is becoming one of the leading game platforms of time and beyond .
You need to add a free roam so we can just ride around and do tricks and stuff. If added that then it's five stars!!
Really good atv gave for Iphone platform. Lots of tricks lots of fun. A great game for the price. Hours of fun. Extra number one good fun time for you.
 midget boy
With 3.0 software, iPods and iPhones can easily handle much better gaming. I will give you a couple reasons on what to upgrade. Have vehicles spray dirt in the back and leave tracks. Make the physics better if you can and have the rocks on the side flip you over if you hit them instead of just having the wheel go through them. Also I feel like I Am driving on ice! There is very little friction and it ruins the game. Have some damage points on the vehicle and show the damage like the front engine cover coming off or the wheel coming off. You need to take full advantages of what software 3.0 can do. I hope I gave you nice feedback and I hope you take as much as you can from it.

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