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Three Pieces2 PVD icon iphone applications
Three Pieces2 PVD
AppDate :10:46
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AppRati :0.00
This game is a game that erases the same color that queues up length/side/diagonally stone.
The time limit is 60 seconds.
The stone can be exchanged for the next stone. It operates it with the drug at this time.
It returns to former posi , app
EMC Documentum Mobile icon iphone applications
EMC Documentum Mobile
AppDate :10:46
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
Getting the information you want, when you need it, has never been easier. EMC Documentum Mobile has a simple, intuitive interface, allowing users to access and securely browse the Documentum ECM repository, including rich media such as images and video, , ipa
Touch the Numbers icon iphone applications
Touch the Numbers
AppDate :10:46
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AppRati :0.00
Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can, and become a world record holder!

Touch the Numbers is a simple game for training your reflexes and peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision is an essential skill for playing baseb ,
随手记(记账理财)标准版 for iPhone icon iphone applications
随手记(记账理财)标准版 for iPhone
AppDate :10:45
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AppRati :101.00
记账就要随手记,专业又 , jailbreak
Applimo Innovations icon iphone applications
Applimo Innovations
AppDate :10:45
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
Présentation des innovations en matière de chauffage électrique dans la distribution professionnelle ,
Korean Now icon iphone applications
Korean Now
AppDate :10:45
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
You Guys Asked For It! In This Issue, Youll Discover the world of Korean Fashion ! Send us your Korean inspired outfits, and get a chance to win a 3 months worth of HD Korean Dramas, see inside for details... , ipod
ПДД. Пояснения icon iphone applications
ПДД. Пояснения
AppDate :10:01
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AppRati :0.00
Приложение разъясняет отрицательные и положительные элементы поведения водителей на дороге. Подробно рассматриваются основные ошибки, д , free download
Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media HD icon iphone applications
Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media HD
AppDate :10:01
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
The Tullow Oil Investor Relations and Media App provides you with online and offline access via your iPad to all the latest company regulatory news, presentations and announcements as well as rich multimedia content in the form of images, videos and webca , iphone 4 unlock
Parking School icon iphone applications
Parking School
AppDate :10:01
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
Parking School will test your parking skills to the limit. If you think that you can park like a pro, this is your chance to prove it. Finish all the levels and show your friends that you really are the best driver.

60 Different levels availabl , apps store
仙乐旅游团购 icon iphone applications
AppDate :10:01
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
仙乐旅游团购网为您提供 , download ipa
Shanghai Mahjong Deluxe icon iphone applications
Shanghai Mahjong Deluxe
AppDate :10:01
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00
Mahjong solitaire is a free mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)

The goal is to remove all tiles from the board. You may remove only paired f , download ipa
Lock Secret Foto - Secure Private Vault Safe & Passcode Manager With 1 Password icon iphone applications
Lock Secret Foto - Secure Private Vault Safe & Passcode Manager With 1 Password
AppDate :10:01
Downs :0 : 0
AppRati :0.00

Organize, browse, and share your precious photos. All your most important photos are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Manage your photo collection with simplicity.

▲ Provide long PASSWORD PROTECTION for , free download
Daily Record Newspaper App icon iphone applications
Daily Record Newspaper App
AppDate :09:46
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AppRati :0.00
The best in news, sport and showbiz. , apps
Possible Showers - Ultimate Bridal and Baby Shower Planner icon iphone applications
Possible Showers - Ultimate Bridal and Baby Shower Planner
AppDate :09:46
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AppRati :0.00
Comes with 282 preloaded ideas including, Bridal and Baby Shower, Decorations, Food Recipes, Invitations, and Games!!

Build and Plan your Bridal or Baby shower. The Possible Showers app makes planning your shower as easy as using a clipboard , ipod
icon Europe - iGO primo app ipa
Riting for Europe - iGO primo app

Navigation \ Europe - iGO primo app IPA download

App Rating6.62 / 139
App Update2012.10.19 05:31
App Price$64.99
Apps download1107 / 624 / 215
App RequirementsiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. iOS 4.3 or later.
App support languagesEnglish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrain
App SizeEnglish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dani
  This application is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot Europe - iGO primo app ipa screenshot

Navigation Europe - iGO primo app download ipa

Current Version Info

Current Version Info about iphone applications /  Navigation /  Europe - iGO primo app
UPDATE TO GET THE LATEST MAPS! The world is spinning around and we’re spinning with it: get the latest maps for your iGO primo app and make sure you know all the shortcuts!
We added News Center, so from now on you’ll get easily informed on our latest promotions, news or any other updates.
IMPORTANT: To make a purchased subsrciption-type package portable between several devices, user registration is required with your email address. You can go quickly start with the registration process by pushing the user icon within the SHOP menu at the upper right corner of your screen. After registration, you can reset your forgotten password, and you can get notifications about our special offers. You can also add your email address to an existing user account to get access to these features.
The Shop has undergone minor modifications to improve usability. Now you can easily switch between your purchased and downloaded items, handle your user profile etc., check out how it works on our YouTube channel (video coming soon).
If you read this message while driving, theres a good chance youve spent some time using an iOS device in the car. Youve probably also spent some of that time wishing there were a better way to integrate your phone or pod with the car itself. Thanks to Pioneer AppRadio we have a superb, industry leading answer for this challenge. Simply connect your iPhone to your built-in AppRadio device, Buy-Download-Activate the Pioneer AppRadio Support add-on within your iGO application and enjoy the unique experience! For more info about the AppRadio, visit www.pioneerelectronics.com/AppRadio
The app engine has been accelerated so that it will run smoother than ever.
We optimized our visualization on iPad, further enhancing the user experience.
Please remember that due to size limitations in iGO Europe application, the Maps of Iberia, Nordics and Ukraine are now obtainable from the Shop as free items. You can download them after this update.
Apple has set a limit of 2 GB for applications, therefore we had to exclude some items from the app and move them into the inApp shop as Free items. Please download those items through the facelifted inApp Shop.


THE NEXT GENERATION OF NAVIGATION: iGO primo app is here to get where YOU want to be when you want to be
FREE TRAFFIC!? You need it? Yout got it! Enjoy our very special gift for you in 2012: FREE TRAFFIC! Enter the SHOP to DOWNLOAD it NOW! (Countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
iGO primo app - powered by the same tried-and-trusted iGO Engine used in millions of GPS navigation devices around the world: faster & more reliable than ever before, with a set of new features for a more intelligent navigation.
The maps are part of the application NO ROAMING FEES,: no need for cellular network coverage, no surprises.
The ease of use, accuracy of routing and the spoken directions are on a par with, or better than any similar program I have used across a number of platforms.

- Fast, short, easy-to-follow, and GREEN routes
- Automatic route recalculation
- Multipoint-route support
- Smart keyboard&history
- TTS Pro
- In-app shop with free&paid items like:
---- Speedcam databases (according to the regulations)
---- 3D citymaps
---- Explorer’s package ( POI pack)
- Local/POI search: find businesses or anything else you need around your position
- GET SOCIAL! Share your routes on Facebook!
- Try out the Customer Support Centre: watch tutorial videos, tips&tricks, send a feedback or vote for a feature!
- Avoidances let you bypass any road section of the itinerary
- Country specific lane guidance & signposts
- Multiple route variants calculated simultaneously
- Navigate to
---- iPhone contacts
---- GPS-coordinates
---- pictures
- Customizable quick menu & vehicle profile
- Trip Monitor
- 3D junctions
- Digital terrain
- Free camera movements
- Route progress bar

Includes 40 countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Albania, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Vatican.
NNG will make the latest maps available as part of the free software updates, depending on availability. Conditions apply.
To avoid unwanted roaming costs being generated abroad by the Live Traffic Service (where applicable), please carefully review your settings in the Config Wizzard.

Please note that since iPod touch and iPad (WiFi only) do not have built-in GPS-receivers, an external GPS-receiver is required. Compatible are only those which are officially supported by Apple. Due to the size of the package, we recommend purchasing and downloading the application via iTunes.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Background navigation has to be turned on, you can do this under Settings / Advanced settings.
In accordance with its terms and services, Apple requested us to remove the Exit button. Our apologies for any inconvenience it may cause.
We would like to inform you that according to the new French regulations, safety camera databases cannot be used in France any more, therefore it is no longer included in the package. Regarding the regulation coming to effect, please inform yourself through official forums/bodies!
Please read more at http://www.igomyway.com/igo-my-way- for-iphone/france

iphone applications created by , have iphone apps rating 6.62 / 139. This App is available at the iphone apps Navigation.

1.2.2 Thank you for fixing the bug and adding the old Czech voice back. Now all I need is trafic and radars. 1.2.1 Problem is still there, in landscape mode is recalculating road all the time or it's backing up. 1.2 This app is getting worse with every update, what's going on? This time, when in landscape mode the rode is recalculated every time I pass another road ( and the signal is good, the dott is on the road) Czech voice that was there before is gone and instead there are terrible voices that doesn't "speak" correct Czech. It's like: " get turn ready roundabout second" Now I have to go to Navigon, I wish I could have the money refunded.  1.1 I am happy that most of the problems are fixed...  1.0 I had chance to test Navigon, TomTom, Sygic and iGo .... I like iGo the most, but few things needs to be fixed: 1)sometimes it takes long before it starts (if there is a good gps signal reception when starting and you set destination last time you cloased it will not start.... If you move the iPhone to a place with NO gps signal reception it will start imidietly) iGo is telling on there webside that it's only on jailbroken iPhone, by mine is NOT jailbroken! 2) voice navigation is not working after few uses (igo knows about it and they will fix it, for now I have to restore igo to factory settings ..... But I will loose all my saved addresses) 3) there is no separet volume control for voice (as on tomtom) so it my be hard to hear (you can use boost but it sounds terrible) it would be great if the music in background would lover audio when voice guidence is on (not paused as in tomtom that's anoing) 4) auto Day/Night mode is not set correctly ( at least in the location I am) it's still in night when it's already sunny and bright 2 hours after sunset. It should calculate sunrise and sunset according to gps location and date but it's incorrect 5) speeding control is yealling at you if you drive just 1km/h faster than allowed, it would be great to have option to set treashold when you want to be worned. So if all this will be fixed and the promised new features will be added (stop over, radars, tts, trafic .... Is must have, iPod control, save road, call POI and other functions as in iGo PND .... would be great. I still love it the most ,compared to other navigations awailable for iPhone and I believe that igo will make it even better, I will give them 5 stars when they do so! ( I tested iGO on 3GS in the Czech Republic) sorry about my English
Very nice UI, simple to use, great graphics, super map presentation. Adress entry is a joy. Route planning is quick, the routes are very good. Most of the time I prefer the "Economical" routes, but sometimes I pick the "Fast" version; it is nice to have a choice. Guidance is precise. Now I can also display my current speed also. The maps are updated. I am happy :)
All these updates and still I can't add personalized POI's. iGo, I need to be able to bookmark places I visit so I can go back to them anytime I need.
Five stars.
Apparently this is not Spain in iGo terms :p
I preffer IGO because is easy to use and accurate, i use it a long time ago and i'm still happy whit it on my iPhone. Two things - have to update resolution for iPhone 4 and if IGO use Gyro will be better. Maybe in new version :)
Hi, i'm so proud of your app, it's more than amazing, but can i ask you to make the app iphone/iPad compatible. i was thinking that t's maybe impossible, as i use NAVIGON for USA/CANADA i saw thair final update lets the app iPad compatible too. can you make my christmass wish come true? :(
I have had iGO on my windows mobile phone before and I was very satisfied and now I have it on my iPhone and it rocks! Great job NNG Global!!!
I'm using this on Iphone 3G running OS 3.0.1 in Romania (Bucharest). The app works fine, but it's a little slow if using 3D+ map. Using 3D is OK, but if you want lightning speed you should use 2D mode maps.Comparing to IGO 2008 (on Windows Mobile) the application is poor ( i mean , i can't have speed cameras, i can't update my POIs).I hope there will be updates for this.Conclusion: the app is OK, works OK, but is little slow when using 3D+ maps. Also, i've read that the GPS is not accurate and the startup time is very high (about 5 minutes). That's not true. The app starts in less than 30 seconds.
Retina display support!!! Please!
Worth the money! However, any further improvements in 3D objects quality will be greatly accepted. Also, maps need some improvement arround rural areas. Good job, congratulations!
 Same probl
I have the same problem! :(
Have compared it with Sygic and Navigon and to my mind iGO is the best today
Lots of bugs, more than i can mention here, needs a solid update. Otherwise, it's alright.
where the map of Russia?
Minden verzió frissítésnél hibák kerültek a programba! Most példáúl az, hogy eltünt a Magyar térkép. A program továbbra is nagyon lassan indúl be emiatt szinte használhatatlan.
I have an iPhone 3GS, 32GB. The same problem I had with 3G, 8GB. When the app starts it takes between 2-10min to conect to the satelites. More than that, when the app is running and I receive a phone call, after the conversation is over, the iGo app remains blocked at the first screen without connecting back to the satelites. I have to press the home button, to restart the app for several times (2-5) so the app connect again to the satelites. Some times I have to restart the phone so the app can function. Please update the app fast because I payed 120$ for something is not working. If the app is not functionally I have to ask you for my money back and buy another one who works.
Na végre javították a kapitális Mo. hibát. Remélem többet ilyen nem lesz.
This software is totally useless on my 3G. 99.99% of the time it has no clue where i am. It puts me three blocks away from my actual location. The lag is horrible. I'm half a mile away from the last red light, but it keeps showing that i'm still standing. GPS signal gets lost every few minutes. And don't blame the phone for this. You shouldn't have make a software for a device that is not made for the purpose. It's a total ripoff. I want a refund.

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